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 Catalytic diesel particulate filter is also called Catalyzed Soot Filter (CSF) or DPF catalytic converter, are designed to reduce emissions of particulate matter (PM) from diesel engines. The filters first trap particulates and then continuously burn them at normal diesel operating exhaust temperatures

On road: Buses, trucks, Ships, Tank etc.
Off raod: Fork trucks, Cranes, Construction machineries
diesel Genset.

Flash demostration:

DPF regeneration:
Particles discharged from the diesel engine are firstly trapped in the holes on the DPF wall, as time continue, accumulation of particulates get thicker, the pressure and temperature in the catalytic converter increases, when the temperature reaches a certain level, the particulate layer accumulated on the DPF wall will be burned and pressure restore to normal lever to ensure the normal function of the engine. 

Typical reduction efficiency:



Conversion rate

CO>85%; HC>85%

Particulate purification rate


Service life

100000 Kilometers

Note: Reduction efficiency can be designed according to customer requirement

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