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Butane Soldering Iron catalyst


Butane gas soldering iron catalyst is a new industrious product , which can make the combustion more efficient and decrease the emission. The operational principle is to accelerate the combustion of butane gas .Therefore ,it can bring convenience for welding work .


Application : In view of the operational principle of butane gas soldering iron ,it can bring much convenience for outdoor welding work. The catalyst of butane gas soldering iron was equipped in combustion chamber and connected with the outgassing structure , which can contribute to the promotion of heat conduction and accelerate combustion efficiency. Meanwhile ,it also can reduce air pollution and ensure that no fire is burning. As a result , The use of gas soldering iron has been greatly improved.


Performance :

1.     The basic principle of this product is catalytic combustion, and the thermal energy produced during the combustion of the catalyst can be used in a comprehensive way.

2.     On the one hand ,The initial temperature of the reaction is low but the activity is high, On the other hand, The range of the catalyst adaptation is wide, and the combustion can be accelerated in a few seconds.

3.     Small volume, fast reaction speed, reduced energy loss by accelerating combustion.

4.     The service life of catalyst of soldering iron could use more than one year under normal use .



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